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France Antique Tour

Are you looking for Belgian, Dutch or French Antiques? You will find it all at Antique-Centre Siegers, located in Belgian Limburg.

Our antique range includes (sitting) furniture, chandeliers, decorations, paintings, clocks, small trinkets, Brocante and much more from the time of Louis XV, Louis XVI, Napoleon Ill, Louis Philippe, Louis XIV, Empire,........ Import and export of antique is our core business.

The local antique dealers, antique shops and antique markets hold no secrets for us. You therefore will find in our antique centre in Hamont-Achel a very wide range of antiques and because we want to offer our customers the best of the best, Antique-Centre Slegers also offers customer-tailored buying trips.

Of course we vouch for your individual assistance and comfort during an antique buying tour. We also arrange all the practical things for you so that you can focus on your goal, which is to purchase antiques.

We book your hotel room, we arrange the transportation and we accompany you to the antique dealers. If possible and if representing an added value for you, we can also visit the local antique markets or antique fairs.

You will not be disappointed. We are sure that you have found what you were looking for at the end of your antique buying trip and moreover, we are happy to help you with the packing and shipping of the purchased items.

Do you wish more information on the rates or our buying tours or do you want to book a buying trip within Belgium Holland or France? Do not hesitate to contact Antique-Centre Slegers. We are happy to attend you.

  • Visiting address: Bosstraat 189
  • 3930 Hamont-Achel
  • Belgium
  • Mailing address: Middenweg 10
  • 3930 Hamont-Achel
  • Belgium
  • Henri: +32 (0) 475-60 51 22
  • Ronnie: +32 (0) 495-57 51 22
  • Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 am till 5 pm
  • Saturday by appointment and Sunday closed